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Calibre (Mac) Manage and transfer files with this intuitive program packed with dozens of useful features. Free update for Mac that replaces the Menu bar item for Mac that prevents the computer from entering sleep or hibernation mode. An operating system designed to unleash the full power of the hardware in the machine.

This site is not directly affiliated with LexCycle. The download will be executed through a download manager. The mentioned download manager doesn't have any relationship with the author. For the Kindle Fire, and potentially other Kindle devices, you can install alternate eBook reader software.

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Advice we have received might need adjustment for your specific device, or if some versions of software are updated from when these instructions were written : install a third party EPUB reader and start downloading the EPUB files instead of the Kindle files from this site. Download the Android. You may want to read up on installing third party apps on the Kindle Fire.

Free Ebook Reader Calibre Syncs With Device

Amazon used to have instructions available for downloading Project Gutenberg titles, but this seems to be gone now. They do have some free content, and an app, in their Amazon. In , Amazon started using the "kfx" file format for new Kindle readers. There are no immediate plans for Project Gutenberg to offer kfx format, but this may change in the future. There are many articles about how to convert files to the kfx format. Note that to connect, your Nook needs to be awake use the on-screen slider to do this, you'll get a message that it is connected to your computer.

Other points for the Nook:. You need to go through the registration process to get access to the store. Direct transfer of downloaded eBooks from a computer to the Kobo did not immediately work for us, but is supposed to be supported. Project Gutenberg would like to thank Kobo for providing free evaluation readers in The Android operating system is found on many phones and tablets.

The specific features and applications varies, and there are often customizations to Android that change functionality. For other file types, you can try copying from your computer to the device as described above.

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Or, try the application described below. The book will start downloading in the background. After the download completes you can open the book from the Android notifications screen or the FBReader library screen. The Apple iBookstore also contains some Project Gutenberg ebooks. Note that sometimes Apple's copy might not be the most recent copy from the Project Gutenberg site, since we often update our automated conversion procedures.

If you live outside the U. Project Gutenberg would like to thank Apple for providing devices for evaluation in and Here are apps we know of that will work outside of the U. Other apps we have heard about include Goodreads and WattPad. Eucalyptus is a paid ebook reader for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Stanza is an Easy to Use Free E-Reader For PC and iDevices

It provides over 20, Project Gutenberg titles, converted from text. The Eucalyptus developers pay a proportion of their gross proceeds to Project Gutenberg as royalties.

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It implements a speed reading technique that teaches you how to read faster. Michael Hart was a proponent of eBooks on mobile devices.

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He offered these ideas in February This guidance might not be directly applicable to all of today's portable devices. I want to modify something on pdf files. What should I do? Is there any software can edit the pdf files on Mac? I've just downloaded an application form as a PDF - and need to fill it in online - How is this done on an iMac?

I work with macs apple computer. I receive quotes and estimates in PDF form. I can open them and print them.

I would like to be able to do the following with my PDF files: edit, copy, paste, also create PDF - most important be able to make changes to the PDF files people send me!