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If you do it for the first time you will be presented with open file dialog window which points to your Mac drive - just click the open button. This is necessary as the application is run in a "sandbox" by operating system and you have to explicitly allow it to access you hard drive. You can track the scan operation by watching progress bar above drives' pie chart.

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Usually it takes from 1 to 5 minutes. The speed depends on number of files to scan and the files' locations. Network drives and large hard drives take the longest, SSDs take the least. After you click on drive button and scan starts you will see on the right side a tree map of all the files and folders scanned so far. The tree map follows the structure of the file system, but it shows each file and folder as a box with an area proportional to its size. The visualization algorithm also hides small files and folders leaving only comparatively large files and folders visible, so you don't have to spend your attention on unimportant details.

The easies way to free space is to locate large files and folders you no longer need. Drill down on large folders in tree map by clicking on large boxes in the tree map view. I use it all. Thanks for bringing it to attention again. Yeah, came here to mention Grand Perspective. I was wondering why GrandPerspective was forgotten about. Win Dir Stat is pretty comparable on the Windows side.

What are the best disk space analyzers?

I was just using them side by side on my PC and Macbook. Name required.


Disk Inventory X, disk usage utility for Mac OS X. If you've ever wondered where all your disk space has gone, Disk Inventory X will help you to answer this . A big thing to remember with using these disk analyzer apps is that if you shouldn 't delete anything without discretion, as they sweep the entire.

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